Solution Offerings

JetCloud proposes end-to-end solutions and services across technology layers and industry leading solutions to build solid network and communication infrastructure for organisations.

Adopting a flexible project delivery model and packaged services, JetCloud renders superior, innovative and value added services, across technology and product domains to organisations.

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Cloud Consulting

A fundamental principle of Cloud Computing is the ability to provide predictive or “fixed costs” based on known and measurable “variables” as they exist within an organisation today such as Users, Applications, Servers, etc., without organisations having to make long term assumptions, and significant investments on infrastructure capacity and performance.

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Vendor selection

Organisations are now realizing the benefits of aligning with a partner such as JetCloud, for a complete services offering.

Over the past few years, our team has developed a wealth of knowledge and experience in ICT.

Many of our senior engineers and consultants have helped many organisations from a range of industries and different sizes. IT infrastructure is the core.

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